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  • Zula 26/07/2017 10:09


    We told you will not get bored this summer. After the recently released V1.13 update, V1.14 arrives! Here we show you all the features that we have prepared for you. Gallipoli Map The new map Gallipoli is set in the city with the same name located south of the European part of Turkey. It is known for the Battle of Gallipoli that took place during the World War I in 1915. British and French ...

  • Zula 26/07/2017 8:23

    Patch Notes v1.14

    Dear users, A new patch is now available! Read below to learn more about the latest changes. - New Escort mode added - New Gallipoli map added - New Special bombs: C5, Double C5, Flashbang M52 and Smoke TRP90 - New Esports Skins: P90 Esports 2017, M468 Esports 2017, DSR-1 Esports 2017 and Desert Eagle Esports 2017 - New Skin: MPT-76 & MPT-76S Europe - New Cases: Super Deck Case, Royal ...

Недавние обновления

  • Zula 21/06/2018 13:00

    End of maintenance

    Hi everyone,Maintenance has been carried out successfully, the servers are up and running again.Return to the game and enjoy!

  • Zula 20/06/2018 15:00

    Server maintenance [21/06/18]

    21/06/2018 starting at 10:00 am (CEST), our servers will be down due to maintenance.We'll let you know as soon as they're available again.The Zula Team