Условия использования

версия 3.3, 15-07-2019

The present terms of use (hereinafter, "the Terms") govern the use by the user of the website www.idcgames.com, the online game platform available on it and any mobile applications owned by IDC GAMES SL., ID Number B87077632 and phone number +34912142847 (hereinafter, together, "the Service").
Online registration as a user of the Service or downloading the applications implies full acceptance of these Terms. Please read this document carefully, and if you do not agree with all or part of these Terms, cancel your account or uninstall the application.


Through the online gaming platform available at www.idcgames.com, and the main wholesale platforms, IDC Games offers a wide range of video games in different formats (browser, PC / Mac, iOS applications and Android), for use under license.

Said license (authorization of use) is granted individually to the registered user in the web or any applications store, without the possibility of transferring it to third parties, exclusively for entertainment purposes, and subject to continued compliance with the Terms.


Access to the Service is restricted to people over 14 years of age. By registering as a user or downloading our applications you are declaring to be 14 years old or older. If you are not over 14 years of age, please refrain from registering as a user or downloading our applications.

2.1 Register at www.idcgames.com

Access to the IDC Games catalog games available on the web requires users to register and create a personal account. When creating an account, you will be asked to provide an email address and to choose a password. Once validated, the email address provided and the password chosen will serve to access the Service in the future, so please:

  • a) Do not share your password with anyone;
  • b) In case you suspect that third parties have had access to your account, please notify IDC Games immediately so that they can block it and modify the assigned password. IDC reserves the right to terminate any account that has been inactive within 90 days. The breach by the User of these Terms may also result in suspension or termination of your Account. As a result of such suspension or cancellation, the user may lose any benefit associated with his account, including his balance of virtual currencies, without the right to any compensation.

Likewise, you may cancel your account at any time using the relevant section of the user interface through the website or application, or by sending an email from your registered address to support@idcgames.com.

2.2 Downloading applications or games on third-party platforms

Some video games from the IDC Games catalog are available on the main wholesale platforms (such as Apple Store for iOS, Google Play in Android devices, or Steam in PC games, among others).

Registration in any of these platforms is subject to acceptance and compliance with their respective conditions of use, but by downloading any of our applications you additionally acquire the IDC Games user status, and consequently these Terms are applicable to you.

  1. RULES

Without prejudice to the obligations that may be contained in other sections of these Terms, all users must respect and comply with certain rules that prevent harm to the rest of IDC Games users, third parties and IDC Games.

3.1. Regarding the user account

In relation to your personal account, users are strictly prohibited to:

  • a) Create and use more than one account at any given time.
  • b) Create an account using an email address owned by a third party.
  • c) Create a new account or use the Service through any other means if your account has been canceled by IDC Games.
  • d) Lease, sell or give away your account in any way, or any other object or virtual currency associated with it, to any third party without prior written authorization of IDC Games.
  • e) Use your account for any purpose other than personal entertainment, including commercial advertising.
  • f) Use your account to conduct any violation of the law.

3.2. Regarding other users

In relation to other users, users are strictly prohibited to

  • a) Solicit or attempt to solicit personal information from other users of the Service.
  • b) Collect, gather or publish through the Service private information of others, including personally identifiable information (in text, image or video), identity documents or financial information.
  • c) Use the Service in whole or in part, to offer any services therein, including leveling and collecting items, in exchange for compensation of any kind.
  • d) Transmit unauthorized communications through the Service, including junk mail, chain letters, spam and any materials that promote malware, spyware and downloadable items.
  • e) Publish any information that is abusive, threatening, obscene, defamatory, libelous, or otherwise offensive or objectionable from a racial, sexual, religious or any other point of view.
  • f) Publish any information that contains nudity, excessive violence, is offensive or links to that content.
  • g) Harass or attempt to harass, abuse, or harm, or propose or incite harassment, abuse, or harm another person or group, including employees of IDC.

3.3 Regarding the technology made available

Regarding the technology made available by IDC Games, users are strictly prohibited:

  • a) To use fraudulent accounts, cheats, exploits, automation software, bots, hacks, mods or any other unauthorized third-party software designed to modify or interfere with the Service.
  • b) To use the Service to design or assist in the design of cheats, exploits, automation software, bots, hacks, mods or any other unauthorized third-party software designed to modify or interfere with the Service.
  • c) To modify or cause the modification of files that are part of the Service.
  • d) To disrupt, overburden, or aid or assist in the disruption or overburdening of (1) any computer or server to offer or support the Service (each treated as "Server"); or (2) the enjoyment of the Service by third parties.
  • e) To establish, assist or engage in any kind of attack, including without limitation, distribution of viruses, denial of access to the Service, or other attempts to disrupt the Service or the use and enjoyment of the Service by third parties.
  • f) To use any third party software not authorized to access, intercept, "remove" or otherwise, to collect information from the Service or through it or information that is in transit from the Service or to the Service, including, but without limitation any software that reads parts from RAM or streaming network traffic used by the Service to store information about game characters, objects and environments.
  • g) To intercept, examine or otherwise, observe any proprietary communications protocol that is used by a client, a Server, or the Service, whether through the use of a network analyzer, a packet sniffer (packet sniffer) or any other program.
  • h) To use any automated system or take any action that results or may result in, at the sole discretion of IDC, a disproportionate or unacceptable saturation infrastructure.
  • i) To use any software, technology or device that sends content or messages, or inspect web pages for the extraction and manipulation of data (web scraping, web spiders or web crawler).
  • j) To use, facilitate, create or maintain unauthorized connection to the Service, including, but not limited to: (1) any connection to an unauthorized server that imitates or attempts to imitate any part of the Service; or (2) any connection that makes use of programs, tools or software of its property not expressly approved by IDC Games.
  • k) To reverse engineer, decompile, disassemble, decipher or in any other way try to obtain the source code of any software or other intellectual property used to provide the Service, or to obtain information about the Service.
  • l) To upload or transmit, or attempt to upload or transmit, any software that acts as passive or active mechanism of collection or transmission of information, including, but not limited to, clear images in graphics exchange format (GIFs), 1x1 images, web beacons (web bugs), cookies or any other similar software (sometimes referred to as "spywares", "passive collection mechanisms" or "MPR").
  • m) To attempt to obtain unauthorized access to the Service, to third party accounts or to computers, servers, or networks connected to the Service through other means than the user interface provided by IDC Games, including, but not limited to, circumvention or manipulation, or the attempted circumvention or manipulation, as well as encouraging or assisting third parties in the circumvention or modification, of any type of security, technology, device or software.

3.4. Regarding IDC Games

Regarding IDC Games, users are strictly prohibited to:

  • a) Interfere or attempt to interfere with the proper functioning of the Service.
  • b) Misuse IDC´s technical services, including sending false reports of abuse.
  • c) Use, without the express written consent of IDC Games, the Service, in whole or in part, for commercial purposes, including, but not limited to: (1) allowing, authorizing or offering use of the Service, in whole or in part, at an Internet cafe in a computer gaming establishment or any other commercial establishment where internet access is not prohibited by the above; (2) communicating or facilitating advertising or commercial activity; or (3) collecting coins, or game assets to sell.
  • d) Provide through the Service material or information that infringes any copyright, trademark, patent, trade secret, right of privacy, right of publicity, or any other right of another person or entity, or that impersonate the identity of another person, including, among others, IDC Games employees. More specifically, the user agrees not to transmit, disseminate or make available to third parties through the services provided by IDC Games any kind of material that in any way contravenes the current legislation.
  • e) Incur in any act which, according to IDC, is in conflict with the spirit or intent of the Terms, including, but not limited to, avoidance or manipulation thereof. Use the Service in violation of or promoting infringement of laws or regulations.
  • f) Use the Service in violation of or promoting infringement of laws or regulations.

It is understood by "User Content" any communications, images, sounds, or any other material, data and information, including any chat message, which you or any other User uploads or transmits through the IDC Service.

You grant a nonexclusive unlimited, perpetual, irrevocable, worldwide, royalty-free, fully licensed User Content, including the right to sublicense to third parties, and the right to exploit, reproduce, publicly communicate and transform by any means known or to be developed. Furthermore, you understand and agree, that your User Content may remain in backups or backups even after you have deleted it.

By uploading or transmitting any User Content while using the Service, users declare and guarantee that such upload or transmission: (a) are accurate and not confidential; (b) do not violate any laws, contractual restrictions or rights of others and that you have the permission of the third party whose personal information or intellectual property may be included in the User Content; and (c) is free of viruses, adware, spyware, worms and other malicious programs.

IDC is not responsible for User Content, to the extent that it cannot monitor by human means all the data that users upload or transmit through the Service. In any case, IDC reserves the right to modify or remove any User Content that in our opinion involves inappropriate content or is not in compliance with any legally issued requirement.


Certain contents (certain applications for mobile devices) or special services (purchase of objects or virtual currencies), may be subject to the payment of a single or recurring amount, which will be specified just with the applicable taxes and the method of payment in the store of the respective distribution platform (IDC Games, IDC Games App Store, Apple Store, Google Play Store, Steam or similar).

By providing any of the available payment service providers with the necessary information to make the payment, you are stating that you are the authorized user of the card, the PIN, the key and the account associated with that payment, and you authorize IDC Games to load the corresponding amounts in it.

To the extent that the contents or services acquired are digital in nature and are supplied or provided immediately after the purchase has been completed, you acknowledge and accept that no right to terminate such purchase is applicable once payment has been made.

Nevertheless, in the case of recurring payment services (subscriptions), you can withdraw them by using the relevant section of the user interface of the Site or Application, or by sending an email to info@idcgames.com.


Users understand and accept that IDC Games can host their own and third-party advertising and web sites on their websites and applications. Thus, among other measures, IDC can insert links to the Site or Application to third party websites, which in turn may invite you to participate in promotional offers in exchange for receiving benefits in connection with the Service (coins or virtual objects). You are responsible for any expense or obligation incurred by any transaction with such third parties.

IDC is not responsible or guarantees any content, goods and / or services offered by third parties, even appearing publicized on their websites or applications. IDC has no control over the linked sites, so it is not responsible for its business practices or its privacy policies.


The users expressly understand and accept that the use of the Service is made at their own risk and that it is offered "as is", without any guarantees of any kind, explicit or implicit, of continuity or maintenance of the same, or of absence of interruptions or errors.

IDC Games also reserves the right to stop keeping the Service or any of its elements and contents available to users, individually or in full, at any time.

Therefore, users waive any liability to IDC Games, its employees or the companies in its group for any loss or damage caused by, or related to, access, download or use, or the impossibility of access, download or use of the website, the application or the Service, including those derived from the behavior of third parties, users or not.


These Terms incorporate, by reference, the Privacy Policy of IDC Games, the particular terms of the product or service provided that are applicable, and in case of the specific Rules of each video game.

As a user you declare to have read, understood and accepted the documents that are applicable in your case, and you agree to respect them at all times.


IDC Games reserves the right to modify the Terms and any other document incorporated by reference at any time, unilaterally and at its own discretion. In this case, users will be informed of the changes through an announcement in the respective web or application and by email. The subsequent access to the Service by users will imply their acceptance of said changes.


If any part of these Terms or any other document incorporated by reference is deemed illegal or unenforceable, in whole or in part, by any court of competent jurisdiction, such provision shall be considered ineffective only until such determination of ineffectiveness or non-applicability, without this affecting its validity or applicability in any other way or jurisdiction, and without affecting the other provisions of the Terms, which will remain in full force and effect.


Users can submit their queries, complaints and claims to the Customer Service IDC Games by email to info@idcgames.com or telephone by calling (+34) 91 214 2847.

In the event that a complaint is not satisfactorily resolved, users may, within one year of its filing, file a complaint online in the online dispute resolution platform of the European Commission:


Or on the European Consumer Center website: http://www.europe-consommateurs.eu/en/home/